Photo by Kassandra Langum

Photo by Kassandra Langum

About Moving Walkway Productions

Our goal was what brought us together, keeps us working, collaborating, experimenting, and producing even in times of sparse funds or depressed economic projections. We work with limited budgets creatively, with humor, vigor, enthusiasm, and gumption. We are game for all manner of projects, and have our collective eye on far-reaching projects with an absolute certainty that we will prevail. We are in business: we are artists, thinkers, writers, filmmakers, animators, designers, and business people, all coming from different directions: Los Angeles, Montréal, and Saint Paul. We travel -- and will produce in any city. 

We are Moving Walkway Productions.

In 2009 an odd group of academics and professionals banded together around an idea, an animation, and a community, which together became Moving Walkway Productions. 

The idea was to produce the things we like to see in animation, film, and video production. We seek to produce work that enthralls, amuses, and inspires, created with artists we admire and respect. Artists that both are established and are emerging: whose vision and desire matches our own intensity and drive. We work in all sorts of conditions and budgets: from 104-degree desert-summer-heat, to the 25-below of the Minnesotan and Canadian snowfields; and from very small budgets to eventually feature-length productions.

Frenchy Lunning, Producer 

With a foot always in some sort of performance art, Frenchy began with a degree in theatrical design, and has worked as a professional stage manager and costume designer, but never lost her desire to work in filmmaking. As one of the founders of MWP, she continues to develop skills and expand her knowledge of filmmaking. In her “other job,” as a Professor of Liberal Arts at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, she has focused on design, popular culture, and cultural theory throughout her academic career. She has written books, magazine and journal articles, and book chapters. The director of SGMS: Mechademia Conference on Asian Popular Cultures, she is also the Editor-in-Chief of Mechademia, a book series published by the University of Minnesota Press dedicated to Asian popular culture, but primarily on Japanese manga and anime. She has recently begun working in Object-Oriented Ontology, an aspect Speculative Realism, and has chapters being published in two anthologies addressed that field. 

Elizabeth van Dam, Production Designer/Art Director

Beth's film career began in production and music videos, both at MCAD with Frenchy, and with a new media activist group she co-founded called The Revolutionary Party. After relocating to Los Angeles from Minneapolis to pursue narrative film design with a deeper focus, in 2009 she earned her MFA in production design at the American Film Institute Conservatory (AFI) where she was awarded both the Robert Boyle and Jack Oakie Memorial Merit Scholarships for Excellence in Production Design. Beth has since designed several feature films, web series, short films, commercials, and many music videos. Her prior work spanned from event design to new media collaborative work—for which she was twice an artist-in-residence at the world-renowned contemporary art museum, the Walker Art Center; a drummer in various groups, a fine arts painter, a costume designer, and she continues to be an avid bicyclist and yogini. In 2014 she became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She teaches regularly at studios in LA in between film projects. Her production design and fine arts work can be seen at

Shanita John, Producer

Locked in a perpetual struggle between left brain methodologies and right brain impulses to create, it was only
a matter of time before she wound up feeding both hemispheres on the organized chaos that is the world of production. While earning her Bachelors of Science in Visualization from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Shanita met Frenchy Lunning and Elizabeth van Dam and discovered her love for making music videos. Shanita's interests in filmmaking, however, can be traced as far back as high school when she would write, direct and (for better or for worse) coerce fellow students into short, scripted parody reenactments of the television shows like Dawson’s CreekThe West Wing and Alias. As a Senior Project Manager in advertising and interactive design, Shanita has worked to develop and oversee creative executions for commercial brands like Scion, Best Buy, Target, and T-Mobile as well as musical artists like P.O.S, Atmosphere and Bon Iver. Whether in front, behind or just somewhere near the camera, her passion for storytelling continues to fuel her.

Moving Walkway Associates

The Associates are the brilliant people who comprised the original core members of Moving Walkway Productions, and those who continue to provide their skills and wisdom to the work of MWP over the years.  They are an essential part of our team.

Thomas Lamarre
Christine Lamarre
Joseph Stanley
George Synder

Rachel Girard