Seeing Ghosts With Communist Daughter

Founded in 2009 by frontman Johnny Solomon (formerly of Friends Like These) St. Paul, Minnesota indie rock band, Communist Daughter, wasted no time flooding the airwaves and rocketing to the top of the charts.

In 2010, not one, but two of the band’s singles, Soundtrack To The End and Speed of Sound, found their way onto ABC’s hit medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. Clearly, Shonda Rhimes approves.

But long before Grey's, Communist Daughter recorded a four song demo that included the track, "Not The Kid." We knew they were something remarkable way back then, (and we actually worked on that video too!)

Following the release of Lions & Lambs in 2012, Moving Walkway Productions, yet again, joined up with Justin Staggs and T.J. Schwingle to crowd-fund and produce the surreal and haunting visuals for the music video, “Ghosts.” 

Dear to our hearts, Johnny and the band are family to us. We hope to work with them again in the future!

Directed by Justin | Staggs | Director of Photography: T.J. Schwingle | | Produced by  Frenchy Lunning / Moving Walkway Productions | Art Director / Makeup: Rachel Girard | Ghost Deer Animation by Kang Xu | Special thanks to the dolly / crane / camera crew that made this concept possible: Matt Muegge, Eoin McGuigan, Chris Hadland, Layton Umpleby, Adam Greenwald, and Chris Bjork, 2012.