KABOOM! Not Just An Onomatopoeia Anymore

If you’re Bill Nye, you know a Magneto Effect as any one of a number of phenomena in which an electromagnetic wave propagates through a medium that has been altered by the presence of a quasistatic magnetic field. If you’re us, you know them as Minneapolis based alternative rockers: Jeph Joolik, Mark Messina and Mike Shephard. 

After the band’s music video for "Pretty Little Ball," Magneto Effect returned to Moving Walkway Productions for round two. Teaming up again with the creative genius of Director Justin Staggs and Director of Photography T.J. Schwingle, Kaboom! moved beyond being strictly a music video and into the realm of sci-fi short film.

Leaving behind the creepy, but endearing ventriloquist dummy from "Pretty Little Ball," we ventured out into the otherworldly embrace of a rock quarry on what turned out to be, probably one of the *hottest days of the year! Okay, it probably wasn't but it was hot!

But man, it was so worth it. "Kaboom" is the kind of bizarre you wait your whole life to encounter and then you never forget. 

Directed by Justin Staggs | www.JustinStaggs.com | Director of Photography T.J. Schwingle | www.schwingleimage.com | Produced by Frenchy Lunning / Moving Walkway Productions | Makeup and Costumes by Rachel Girard | Featuring Jean Bardot, Catherine Campion, Ross Destiche, Tomahawk Tassels, Erik Lervold, and Jeph Joolik | Executive Produced by Jeph Joolik | Kaboom (feat. Jeph Joolik, Mark Messina & Mike Shephard)" by Magneto Effect.