Magneto Effect "Pretty Little Ball"

Jeph Joolik, Chip Barber, Sam Rhode, Bob Johnston, Mike Shephard make up the rock alternative collective that is Magneto Effect. A Minneapolis original formed in 2012, their sound is influenced by the likes of Joy Division and Radiohead while remaining distinctly unique.

They own the market on their sound, the same way the video for “Pretty Little Ball” owns the market on bizarre! Described as 'stylish and theatrical,' the video made its debut at the Minneapolis / St. Paul Film International Film Festival alongside videos from Bon Iver and Poliça.

Their first EP, Nothing, was released in the fall of 2013 alongside their second music video, “Kaboom,” also directed by Justin Staggs. Whenever Moving Walkway Productions teams up with Justin Staggs and M.E. something strange and awesome is on the horizon. Sometimes we end up with a really sticky-sweet set in the process. 

Directed by Justin Staggs | | Produced by Frenchy Lunning / Moving Walkway Productions | Director of Photography: T.J. Schwingle | | Set & Prop Fabrication: Michael Selle | Makeup & Wardrobe Stylist: Rachel Girard | The Sexy Girls: VIOLENCE: Tomahawk Tassels GLUTTONY: Hayley Moonbeam Saccomano GREED: Heather Amos, 2011