Take Your New Medicine, Kids

You can try, but a teaspoon of sugar won’t help much with these guys. New Medicine always burns a little on the way down! If the sting seems familiar, you might have seen the guys while they toured with the likes of Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold.

With their 2010 debut album of the same name, Race You To The Bottom provided the gritty, hyper-styled backdrop for the first of two music videos Moving Walkway had the opportunity to produce for the Minneapolis-based, post-grunge rock band. Then, (as if they needed it) the lovely Lulu Blue, Hayley Saccamano and Tomahawk Tassels further helped to bring the race-y to Race!

Great rock n’ roll story on this video: We started with a sort of “animal house” concept and were within three days of the scheduled shoot when the special effects guy broke his leg! No joke. Overnight Justin Staggs re-wrote the concept and script, and we raced to get the preparations ready for the new shoot! It was a heart-stopping few days, but we think you will agree – well worth it.

NSF-dubs, so plug your headphones in before blasting this at work!

Directed by Justin Staggs | www.JustinStaggs.com | Produced by Frenchy Lunning / Moving Walkway Productions | Distributed by WMG © 2012 PhotoFinish Records.