Peter Lochner's Brand of Salvation

Peter Lochner is a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. Before branching out on his own, since 2006, he shared his musical talents playing in the band Stook! & The Jukes. A friend of Moving Walkway Productions, Peter approached Frenchy to produce the music video for Save Me a single off of his first solo release, Shame On Me and it was a treat!

Directed by Jon Maichel Thomas, this outdoor, backyard jam session captures everything summer should be.

Frenchy likes to joke that down to the Christmas lights, this whole set came out of her garage! Moving Walkway Productions can neither confirm nor deny these claims.

Directed by Jon Maichel Thomas | Produced by Frenchy Lunning & Vanessa Horrocks / Moving Walkway Productions | StudioCollective, 2014