Poisoned Love from The Melismatics

If you don’t know The Melismatics, “Your Love Is A Poison” off their 2012 album, Mania!, is a great way to get to know them! The band crashed their trademark caffeine-fueled antics full speed into the glow-in-the-dark, neon-laced playground created just for them from the mind of Director Justin Staggs and Director of Photography Randy Smith.
With six studio albums to their name and a solid decade of touring, The Melismatics are veterans of the post-punk, indie-rock scene. Needless to say, Moving Walkway Productions could not pass on the opportunity to work with these giants. Executive produced by the Minneapolis College of Art & Design through their 2010 Summer Expression Sessions program, the results were nothing short of sleep-deprived magic. 

With a student crew, this amazing video was shot at MCAD and despite the inference of a lush set and costumes, it was pretty much made from stuff laying around! Stuff that Justin Staggs, our genius editor, helped the students to alter in post-production. 

In fact, to make the costumes, designer Rachel Girard added masking tape strips to old black clothes already belonging to the band!

Directed by Justin Staggs | www.JustinStaggs.com | Director of Photography: Randy Smith | Produced by Frenchy Lunning & Elizabeth van Dam | Executive Produced by Minneapolis College of Art & Design | Production Design by Brian Unger, Elizabeth van Dam, and Maxwell Grove | Wardrobe Design & Makeup by Rachel Girard & Frenchy Lunning | 3-D Animation by: Madison Russell & Jamie McNeill | Editing and Animation by Justin Staggs, Ben Thompson, Dan Hoffstrom, and SES Students Sam, Callie, Shelby, Brent, and James, 2010.